Increasing Operational Efficiency with Coreflo™

Do you require improved filtration performance from your filter press?

The Filtration Group Separation and De-Watering division (through its Clear Edge businesses) has been developing innovative solutions for solid liquid separation for a number of years.  One of these technologies, Coreflo™, is now the benchmark for industrial processes globally and is used in the majority of modern automatic filter presses. The following gives a brief overview of how Coreflo™, an engineered solution, can improve your process though increased uptime and make your overall process much more efficient.    Continue reading

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Filtran Continues to Optimize Technology

Filtration helps improve transmission life by minimizing wear, protecting against contaminants and preventing sticking and scoring of sensitive shift control valves

For the all-new Ford/ GM 10-speed RWD transmission, Tier 1 supplier Filtran designed a very special filter module. Instead of using an additional pressure filter to separate small-sized critical particles, the required fine filter media is placed on the suction side of the pump, integrated into the sump filter. Continue reading

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Air Filters and the End of Society as We Know It!


Every now and then you’re likely to stumble across a military threat assessment, a conspiracy theory blog or even a summer blockbuster that paints a grim picture of life after any of our national grid networks fail. Hypotheses range from a full return to the Stone Age to a world in which Skynet computers are hunting down the human race like animals. Whichever way it actually turns out, it’s clear that a full on grid failure would not be a pleasant experience. Luckily, Universal Air Filter is here to help prevent that from ever happening. Continue reading

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Filtration Group Expands Customer Base and Product Portfolio with Acquisition of Essentra’s Porous Technologies Business

Filtration Group has agreed to acquire the Porous Technologies business of Essentra plc. This move significantly broadens the company’s customer base and product portfolio.

“The addition of the Essentra Porous Technologies business increases our capabilities for our customers,” said Steve Felice, Filtration Group CEO.  “This acquisition furthers our mission of becoming an innovative global filtration solution provider.” Continue reading

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The monitoring and control of corrosive gaseous contaminants has been a long-time requirement in process industries such as pulp and paper manufacturing, petroleum refining, chemical manufacturing, mining and metals. Other applications such as semiconductor fabrication, electronics manufacturing, and wastewater treatment have also identified the need to monitor and control corrosive contaminants to extremely low levels to prevent destructive effects on materials, and to provide for continuous, safe, and profitable operation. Continue reading

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Filtration Group to Acquire Industrial Filters Business of MAHLE GmbH

Move Expands Filtration Group’s Capabilities and Global Presence

Filtration Group Corporation is pleased to announce that it has agreed to acquire the industrial filtration business of MAHLE GmbH. Continue reading

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How Porex Ostomy Vents Stop the Bleeding

EuroTec BV, the only Netherlands manufacturer of stoma appliances, supplies innovative and patient-friendly ostomy products to help improve lifestyle satisfaction and outcomes.

According to Arthur Smit, co-founder of EuroTec, “A common complaint of ostomates using drainable pouches with carbon filters, is the leaking and bleeding of the moist content through the filter, leaving black stains in the clothing.”  Black stains are a problem of infection control, hygiene, aesthetics, permanent soiled clothing, and patient discomfort.  Continue reading

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How to Filter Wet Paint In a Dry Filter System

Every second about three freshly painted cars are leaving one of the hundreds of automobile production plants world wide.

Each automobile paint line is producing a large amount of air-borne paint overspray that has to be filtered before leaving the paint booth. The traditional means used to filter the paint droplets out of the air stream is a wet scrubbing system. In a wet scrubbing system the paint- saturated air from the paint booth is passed through a venturi nozzle and mixed with water coming from a spray nozzle. Continue reading

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Porex Helps Provide Safe Drinking Water in Jakarta

In many regions of the world, access to potable water is an everyday struggle. One such area is Daan Mogot — a large apartment complex located in Jakarta, Indonesia. The apartment complex stands on a 44.5-acre area with eight low cost apartment blocks consisting of 800 housing units each (about 6,400 units). Water demand is about 800m3/day, (about 3.4 million 8-ounce glasses per day) which is currently serviced by a deep well. Continue reading

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Purafil’s Recent Case Study Featured in the June Issue of Treatment Plant Operator Magazine

Treatment Plant Operator magazine, an eminent publication for wastewater management professionals, has published a recent case study by Purafil in their June edition. The case study involved odor control in Hong Kong’s Wanchai West Preliminary Screening Plant utilizing Puracarb dry-scrubbing air filtration medium. Continue reading

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