Fulfilling Our Mission: Global Filter to Provide Filters for Floating Hospital

Our mission is to make the world safer, healthier and more productive. There are many ways in which we do that every day, from providing solutions to make surgery instruments safer, to providing clean air in classrooms, to making cars run cleaner and more efficient. Continue reading

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Why do we collect paint overspray in a spray booth?

There are a variety of reasons we collect overspray prior to exhausting air from a spray booth. Those reasons tend to fall into four broad categories: mechanical, worker-safety, environmental compliance, and finish quality. Let’s take a closer look at these categories. Continue reading

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Filtration Group Finishing & Sherwin Williams Drive Efficiency

Sherwin-Williams and Filtration Group Finishing partnered to find a solution for overspray for a well-known guitar manufacturer brand, located in Corona, California. Continue reading

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Filtration Group works with North China Electric Power University on Power Generation Pollution Control Solutions

Filtration Group and North China Electric Power University today announced the establishment of a Research Center on Thermal Power Plant Zero Liquid Discharge. Continue reading

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Filtration Group Completes Acquisition of MAHLE Industrial Filtration GmbH

Filtration Group Corporation is pleased to announce that it has closed its acquisition of the industrial filtration business of MAHLE GmbH. In August, it was announced that Chicago-based Filtration Group Corporation would acquire the industrial filtration business of MAHLE. That transaction has been approved and closed across all countries in which MAHLE Industrial Filtration operates. The acquisition adds filtration capabilities in industrial filtration across a variety of applications including industrial air filtration, process filtration, hydraulics and fuel separation and replacement elements. Continue reading

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Answering the Call to CPAP Comfort

Selecting the right CPAP mask is important, and selecting one that provides ultimate comfort for your patient is equally as important. At AG Industries, we constantly strive to gain invaluable feedback from HME providers on what their end-users are looking for to improve their CPAP experience. Most often it is quality and comfort. In response, we have developed a superior line of CPAP masks and accessories that provide ease of use and comfort in CPAP therapy. Continue reading

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Porex® Microporous IP Rated Vents Protects Electronics in Difficult Environments

A great challenge to electronics manufacturers has always been to pressure equalize waterproof enclosures while keeping dirt, dust and moisture out, especially when that equipment is in challenging environments such as high heat and large pressure and temperature variations. Continue reading

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Using Air Filters to get Points for LEED Certification

Buildings pursuing LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification need to evaluate many things, including energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality. Choosing the right air filters can be an integral part of a building’s environmental sustainability strategy. Continue reading

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Why am I using the same filters that our Grandfathers used?

Advances in technology can be an amazing thing. Every few years it seems as though we upgrade items in our life to take advantage of features and benefits that were either unavailable or significantly more expensive just a few years before. Think about how different your current car, TV, or phone are compared to what you owned a few years ago, let alone what those a generation before you had access to. Now think about the air filter you use in your home or building. Has it changed at all? Is there more than one choice? Continue reading

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Filtration Group Separation & De-Watering Technical Expertise Enables Growth in Latin American Mining

As the mining industry is faced with depressed commodities prices and rising operating costs, they are looking for solutions to improve their efficiencies and lower their overall spend.

A leading polymetallic mining company in Peru requested we help them find a better solution for their horizontal vacuum belts used in processing tailings (mine waste).  This mine has more than doubled in size within the last 5 years, from processing 10,000 TPD to 24,000 TPD.  Finding the most efficient filter media is critical to their operation and achieving output goals.  Continue reading

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