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Air Cleaning in Practice: Improving IAQ and Saving Energy in Schools, Part 2 of 2

Picking off from our last post There is a need to provide “fresh air” into K-12 classrooms and Purafil with FGI’s current filtration technology can be used to capture and remove most, if not all, harmful air contaminants.

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Air Cleaning in Practice: Improving IAQ and Saving Energy in Schools, Part 1 of 2

Many studies have reported the benefits of using “fresh air” with regards to students’ health and performance in K-12 classrooms. The primary use of this “fresh,” or outdoor, air has been to keep the levels of carbon dioxide (CO2), a … Continue reading

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Using Air Filters to get Points for LEED Certification

Buildings pursuing LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification need to evaluate many things, including energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality. Choosing the right air filters can be an integral part of a building’s environmental sustainability strategy.

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The monitoring and control of corrosive gaseous contaminants has been a long-time requirement in process industries such as pulp and paper manufacturing, petroleum refining, chemical manufacturing, mining and metals. Other applications such as semiconductor fabrication, electronics manufacturing, and wastewater treatment … Continue reading

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Purafil’s Recent Case Study Featured in the June Issue of Treatment Plant Operator Magazine

Treatment Plant Operator magazine, an eminent publication for wastewater management professionals, has published a recent case study by Purafil in their June edition. The case study involved odor control in Hong Kong’s Wanchai West Preliminary Screening Plant utilizing Puracarb dry-scrubbing air … Continue reading

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Purafil’s Chris Muller Published in Papyrus Magazine’s Winter Issue

Chris Muller of Purafil is featured in the Winter 2015-2016 issue Papyrus Magazine with co-authors Rene Van Dijke and Richard Corel for their article “Advances and Trends in Air Purification for Preservation Environments.”

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