Clear Edge – Our Mission, Our Customers and what we do for them.

The mission of Filtration Group is to make the world safer, healthier and more productive.   Clear Edge Filtration, a part of the Process Technologies Division, is focused on achieving this mission and this post describes how, and where, we operate and why we have such a strong reputation and position throughout industry.  Other posts on this blog take specific examples of customer processes and describe in detail how we Deliver Process Excellence.

The majority of Clear Edge customers use processes to produce metals, chemicals, foodstuffs, beverages, medicines, other materials (including wood panels, cement, aggregates, paper…) or to treat industrial and municipal waste.  These processes often incorporate solid-liquid, or solid-gas, separation steps and Clear Edge filter media, and filter media products are used in the process filtration equipment.  Some of this equipment can weigh over 100 tonnes and process a hundred tonnes of product per hour.


While you may not encounter our products on a daily basis, in contrast to those from other parts of Filtration Group, you certainly benefit from the value that we add in the manufacture of many of life’s essentials.  Look around your office, kitchen, car or home and almost everything that you see could have been made possible, made better or made more cost-effective by our customers using our products.

In addition to making them more productive, we enable our customers to reduce costs, improve and assure end-product quality and meet or exceed their obligations in protecting our environment. In many cases, disruption or failure of a separation process can result in the closure of an entire process; so, absolute reliability, high performance and long lifetime are key success factors in our business.  In addition, many of our customers operate their processes in remote and arid parts of the world; some of our sales representative need to travel for days to reach a single end-user as mentioned in our post on September 13, 2016 – read about it here.

We have an integrated global production operation with major weaving centres in Germany and the United States, producing best-in-class woven media, as well as a network of fabrication centres, located close-to-market, that use this woven media to produce belts, filter panels and other articles that fit our customers’ process filtration equipment perfectly.


What sets Clear Edge apart from our competitors?

  • Vertical integration. We are responsible for the product from yarn all the way through to delivery of the finished, fabricated article.
  • Process Knowledge. Our engineers and technicians understand the demanding conditions that our customers’ operate under and aim to deliver the optimal product, in terms of polymer, woven construction, finish and article design.
  • Media Innovation. With state-of-the-art analytical equipment and highly trained and experienced research and development teams, we continue to push the envelope in terms of media performance, consistency and lifetime.
  • Global Operation. Our constantly-improving supply chain means that we can deliver products to customers in remote parts of the world quickly, reliably and consistently.
  • We have countless examples in which our team will go the extra mile to ensure rapid shipment of the best-possible solution to our customers in need.

The networking of our Sales and Customer Service teams within enables us to serve our multi-national and global customers even better than before, to share information on processes and to bring up-to-date technical information and support right to the mobile devices of our sales makers.

Want to learn more about Clear Edge or have questions about our products click here!

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