Fulfilling Our Mission: Global Filter to Provide Filters for Floating Hospital

Our mission is to make the world safer, healthier and more productive. There are many ways in which we do that every day, from providing solutions to make surgery instruments safer, to providing clean air in classrooms, to making cars run cleaner and more efficient. Now, we are proud to announce that our products will help volunteer doctors provide care to hard-to-reach patients in Africa by providing clean water to Mercy Ships.


Claire, a patient from Pointe Noire, Congo after surgery. “Before surgery, I was sick and very sad. But, now, since having the operation, I feel alive!” see her story here

Mercy Ships is an international non-profit medical care organization that provides free life-saving surgeries for people with little to no access to medical care. The organization reaches those in need by boat on the coast of Africa. Many people in Africa have little or no access to healthcare. There are only 2.5 physicians per 10,000 people in Africa, compared to 33.3 physicians per 10,000 in Europe.

“This is one of those projects that we can say we are making a real difference in people’s lives,” said Global Filter VP Sales, Brian McSherry. “All of Filtration Group should feel proud to be a part of this extraordinary humanitarian effort.”


A patient sees herself in a mirror post-surgery.

Mercy Ship’s first floating hospital, the Africa Mercy brings volunteer medical teams and sterile operating rooms directly to people who would otherwise go without care. It’s the world’s largest civilian hospital ship providing state-of-the-art care to those in desperate need—free of charge. Since 1978, Mercy Ships has provided over 82,000 life-saving surgeries in over 589 ports.

Our partner, Smith Engineering, has been selected to provide a state of the art water system to outfit their newest ship. Smith Engineering will use Global Filter products to supply clean water to the surgical and laboratory needs of this floating hospital.

“Global Filter will be supplying multi-round housings and cartridge filtration for this project,” said Smith Engineering VP Operations, Bob Lucas. “Having watched the significant growth of Global with regard to product breadth and technical expertise, it thrills me that we can make them a partner in this unique and important project.


The ship is currently under construction and we expect to deliver this equipment by April 1st 2017. The new ship will be put to use sometime in mid-2017.

Watch this video to get an overview of the Mercy Ships mission. We’re certain you will find this humanitarian effort moving.

But it doesn’t end there. Our partner, Smith Engineering, is raising money in order to deliver this unique equipment to the ship at little-to-no cost. For more information on how to donate, click here.

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