Answering the Call to CPAP Comfort

Selecting the right CPAP mask is important, and selecting one that provides ultimate comfort for your patient is equally as important. At AG Industries, we constantly strive to gain invaluable feedback from HME providers on what their end-users are looking for to improve their CPAP experience. Most often it is quality and comfort. In response, we have developed a superior line of CPAP masks and accessories that provide ease of use and comfort in CPAP therapy.


CPAP Ergonomic Masks

Patients constantly struggle to find the right fitting mask, and AG Industries offers a family of CPAP masks with a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. We are featuring two of our newest masks for optimal comfort and fit.

Reveal™ Direct Nasal Interface Mask: Our newest addition to CPAP family of masks, this nasal interface mask offers superior comfort with easy assembly and low maintenance. Each mask is packaged with three different pillow sizes that ensures a great fit for all nose shapes and sizes. The three cushion cradle supports the pillows and simplifies assembly, while the Quick Release Floating Elbow, designed with a 360-degree rotation, allows the extended silicone tube to be positioned over the head or straight down. Headgear is made of a lightweight, breathable fabric that is easily adjustable.

To order the kit click here  AGREVEAL-KIT

Nonny™ Pediatric Nasal Mask: The only one of its kind, this innovative pediatric nasal mask is exclusively designed to fit children and provides maximum comfort. Nonny features many points of adjustment at the forehead support, as well as the arms between the mask frame and forehead support to ensure a comfortable and unique fit. A versatile flex tube allows CPAP tubing to rotate freely, ensuring virtually no disruption or uncomfortable tugging. The breathable headgear connects at four separate points, ensuring comfort and security throughout the night. The Nonny comes in two fit-packs: the small includes nasal cushions in sizes small and medium. The large includes nasal cushions in sizes large and adult extra-small.

To order a size small kit click here  AG-PEDKIT-S

To order a size large kit click here AG-PEDKIT-L

To complete the AG family of CPAP masks, we offer the Miran™ Full Face Mask and the Sopora™ Nasal Mask, both provide a unique design for stability and superior comfort.

CPAP Comfort Accessories

CPAP therapy is effective when patients are complaint. However, many sleep apnea patients are not compliant because of discomfort. AG recommends the following CPAP comfort accessories to aid in returning compliance to every patient.

Respura™ CPAP Pillow: This 100% hypo-allergenic unique contour pillow is designed to accommodate your CPAP hose and mask structures, with a specifically designed pillow construction for an optimal night’s sleep.

Respura™ Boomerang Gel Pad: This fully washable, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic nasal cushion provides relief of pressure and skin irritation from CPAP masks. This product is composed of USP grade mineral oil and essential oils, and is latex and silicone-free.

Instructional product videos can be found on our YouTube channel.

Need more information? Click here

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