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Porex® Microporous IP Rated Vents Protects Electronics in Difficult Environments

A great challenge to electronics manufacturers has always been to pressure equalize waterproof enclosures while keeping dirt, dust and moisture out, especially when that equipment is in challenging environments such as high heat and large pressure and temperature variations.

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Using Air Filters to get Points for LEED Certification

Buildings pursuing LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification need to evaluate many things, including energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality. Choosing the right air filters can be an integral part of a building’s environmental sustainability strategy.

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Why am I using the same filters that our Grandfathers used?

Advances in technology can be an amazing thing. Every few years it seems as though we upgrade items in our life to take advantage of features and benefits that were either unavailable or significantly more expensive just a few years … Continue reading

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