Increasing Operational Efficiency with Coreflo™

Do you require improved filtration performance from your filter press?

The Filtration Group Separation and De-Watering division (through its Clear Edge businesses) has been developing innovative solutions for solid liquid separation for a number of years.  One of these technologies, Coreflo™, is now the benchmark for industrial processes globally and is used in the majority of modern automatic filter presses. The following gives a brief overview of how Coreflo™, an engineered solution, can improve your process though increased uptime and make your overall process much more efficient.   

Coreflo™ barrel necks have been utilized successfully in a range of filter press applications in a variety of industrial sectors including:

  • Effluent Washing, Deep Mining
  • Kaolin & Ceramic Industries
  • Abrasive Mining Slurries
  • Potash
  • Quarries
  • Coal
  • General Chemicals
  • Food & Beverage


The many benefits to the customer when utilizing Coreflo™ technology  have been recorded after ongoing trials with end-users spanning many industries and applications (as detailed above). Some of the comments received serve to highlight these benefits:


‘…we noticed that we achieved a much cleaner core discharge and the sevice life of our cloths increased substantially. We put this down to reduced abrasion at the feed, a perennial problem we had previously with standard fabric necks…’

‘…cake drop certainly seems to have improved after the introduction of the Clear Edge rubber necks…’

‘…one of the issues we had from the standard fabric neck was solids loss through the stitch holes. After fitting press cloths with the Coreflo rubber neck our solids in filtrate has dropped to acceptable levels..’

‘…our cake discharge has visibly improved and we no longer have the need to use the manual scrapers to dislodge the cake…’

  Coreflo™ is currently providing savings in reduced maintenance time and increased operational efficiency for recessed and membrane filter plates in many demanding applications worldwide.  The benefits of the product include:

  • Unique construction that permanently joins an elastomeric barrel neck to the filter cloth using patented welding technology. This holds the filter cloth completely flat without creasing or twisting, so the cloth life and integrity are not compromised and cloths can be fitted more easily.
  • Excellent resistance to high velocity and abrasive slurries.
  • Eliminated product loss since there are no stitch holes through which leakage could occur. This reduces losses in yield-critical process applications.
  • Using Coreflo™, the core plug is totally discharged; no cleaning is required. This eliminates operator clean up time, both with and without core blowing operations.
  • The Coreflo™ design means that a consistent slurry flow is delivered to the chamber through a uniform open feed core. This reduces the potential for differential pressures and reduces the risk of plate damage.
  • Coreflo™ has a unique low profile flange design to eliminate the possibility of cake scraper damage.


Deciding if Coreflo is right for your equipment 

When assessing whether a welded Coreflo neck is a viable option, the following parameters need to be taken into consideration:

  • Web thickness (A)
  • Feedhole Ø (B)

Feed hole / web dimensions are not always an exact match for the Coreflo size range.

The following tolerances should be used as a guide

  • Feedhole diameter

Up to 6 mm (0.25”) for Coreflo up to 150 mm (6”) Ø

Up to 12 mm (0.5”) for 200 mm (8”) Ø Coreflo

  • Web thickness

Up to 2 mm (0.08”) for Coreflo up to 114 mm (4½”) Ø

Up to 5 mm (0.2”) for Coreflo from 125 mm (5”) to 200 mm (8”)


Coreflo™ barrel necks are available in a range of sizes (feedhole hiameters between 75mm  (3”) and 250mm (10”) for welding to either polypropylene or nylon 11/12 filter fabrics.

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