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Filtration Group Separation & De-Watering Technical Expertise Enables Growth in Latin American Mining

As the mining industry is faced with depressed commodities prices and rising operating costs, they are looking for solutions to improve their efficiencies and lower their overall spend. A leading polymetallic mining company in Peru requested we help them find … Continue reading

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Increasing Operational Efficiency with Coreflo™

Do you require improved filtration performance from your filter press? The Filtration Group Separation and De-Watering division (through its Clear Edge businesses) has been developing innovative solutions for solid liquid separation for a number of years.  One of these technologies, … Continue reading

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Filtran Continues to Optimize Technology

Filtration helps improve transmission life by minimizing wear, protecting against contaminants and preventing sticking and scoring of sensitive shift control valves For the all-new Ford/ GM 10-speed RWD transmission, Tier 1 supplier Filtran designed a very special filter module. Instead … Continue reading

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Air Filters and the End of Society as We Know It!

Every now and then you’re likely to stumble across a military threat assessment, a conspiracy theory blog or even a summer blockbuster that paints a grim picture of life after any of our national grid networks fail. Hypotheses range from … Continue reading

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