How Porex Ostomy Vents Stop the Bleeding

EuroTec BV, the only Netherlands manufacturer of stoma appliances, supplies innovative and patient-friendly ostomy products to help improve lifestyle satisfaction and outcomes.

According to Arthur Smit, co-founder of EuroTec, “A common complaint of ostomates using drainable pouches with carbon filters, is the leaking and bleeding of the moist content through the filter, leaving black stains in the clothing.”  Black stains are a problem of infection control, hygiene, aesthetics, permanent soiled clothing, and patient discomfort. 

EuroTec addressed these issues by creating the ostomy “raincoat”, a unique design incorporating an additional film layer that separates the filter from the stoma.  The “raincoat” prevents leakage and bleeding but to be truly effective, needed a hydrophobic material to allow gas escape from the pouch and prevention of filter water penetration.

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Porex to the rescue with our engineering and design teams working in close concert with EuroTec BV to create a hydrophobic, porous material solution that allowed venting but not leaking or bleeding. EuroTec tested and approved a Porex PTFE vent that maximized venting over a given surface area and helped with moisture repelling in addition to dimensional stability over a broad range of temperatures. Venting is a fundamental product requirement because the internal pressure of the ostomy pouch has to be released to prevent a second issue of “ballooning”. The Porex material solution also added design freedom and process capabilities during the welding of PTFE vents to the ostomy pouches.

EuroTec’s “raincoat” design prevents the activated carbon powder in the odor control filter from bleeding and staining clothes.  Together, EuroTec and Porex “stopped the bleeding” and helped develop a new medical product that impacts and improves patient lives.

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