Porex Helps Provide Safe Drinking Water in Jakarta

In many regions of the world, access to potable water is an everyday struggle. One such area is Daan Mogot — a large apartment complex located in Jakarta, Indonesia. The apartment complex stands on a 44.5-acre area with eight low cost apartment blocks consisting of 800 housing units each (about 6,400 units). Water demand is about 800m3/day, (about 3.4 million 8-ounce glasses per day) which is currently serviced by a deep well. However, the well is contaminated with high organics, iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), hardness, and it is yellowish in color. In addition, the current treatment plant for this local area is ineffective for producing potable water; consequently, most residents purchase several 20-liter water bottles per day (where 20 liters is 74 gallons) sold by local water vendors for about $6 US each. That is much more expensive (4–5 times) than piped water provided in more affluent areas of Jakarta. This is a typical situation within the poorer areas of Jakarta, which are not connected to the water supply grid of PAM Jaya, the city owned water operator.

Porex_water comparison_462x500.pngPorex Filtration customer, PT Suryanata Cipta Mandiri, in conjunction with PAM Jaya, is currently working to supply the residents of Daan Mogot with proper water treatment. They installed a POREX® TMF™ test unit in August 2015 to assess the feasibility of the filtration system beside one of the wells. The deep well water, which is initially yellow, is treated with Chlorine and is then pumped directly into the Porex TMF filter modules. The resulting filtered water (permeate) is potable and ready for drinking and cooking.

Just after installation of the TMF filtration test unit, the residents lined up from morning until night to collect the filtered water. The future plan is to build two filtration units producing 9m3/hour for the initial phase (not quite the full supply needed) but then expand the filtration systems from there.

The new Governor of Jakarta has stated that the long-term goal is to increase clean water supply to low cost apartment complexes across the city, which are effectively outside of the city water grid operated by PAM Jaya. There are at least 1,000 apartment blocks (almost 800,000 units) with total water needs of around 500–600 liters/second (or 162 gallons/second). With Porex TMF technology, these apartment complexes can be supplied clean water even from heavily polluted sources, either from deep well or ground water. Porex TMF technology is modular and portable and can be installed according to the water needs of each location, thus bettering the quality of life for the residents.

More About the Porex TMF System: It is a cross-flow filtration technology that Porex_happy residents_500x375incorporates sub-micron filter membranes (0.1, 0.05, and 0.02 micron). Cross-flow filtration is a process in which feed water flows tangentially across a membrane surface — it is widely utilized in municipal, process, and waste water filtration. Cross-flow filtration works by introducing feed water under pressure across the membrane surface, instead of directly onto the filter. During filtration, any material smaller than the membrane pore passes through the membrane, while larger suspended particulates remain in the retentate stream. The turbulence created across the membrane surface provides optimal flux performance and prolongs filter functionally.

To learn more about Porex filtration solutions, click here.

By Sam Yang, Application Engineer Manager, Asia, Porex Corporation’s Filtration Division; July 2016

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