Purafil’s Chris Muller Published in Papyrus Magazine’s Winter Issue

Chris Muller of Purafil is featured in the Winter 2015-2016 issue Papyrus Magazine with co-authors Rene Van Dijke and Richard Corel for their article “Advances and Trends in Air Purification for Preservation Environments.”

The control of airborne chemical contaminants is becoming more specialized as many realize that a “one size fits all” approach to prescribing air purification no longer works in many specialized applications, including preservation environments. Research has shown that an air cleaning system using a single gas-phase (or dry scrubbing) air filtration medium is not adequate for the control of the major gaseous contaminants found in motor vehicle exhaust – a primary contaminant concern in museums, libraries, and archives.

A new permanganate-impregnated alumina media provides for improved control of NO2. Application of this and other dry-scrubbing media types into a nonwoven fiber matrix provide higher removal efficiencies and lower pressure drops than traditional air cleaning systems and can also be produced with integral particulate filtration for more complete control of automobile and diesel exhaust emissions.

The article presents information and comparative test data on this new dry-scrubbing medium, how it is incorporated into a nonwoven fiber matrix, and how a combination chemical and particulate filter product is being used in air cleaning systems for the control of automobile and diesel exhaust. 

About Purafil

Purafil is leading the industry in gas-phase filtration to provide world-class air quality solutions. Our expertise and best-in-class research practices allow us to develop revolutionary products to assist with air conditioning, corrosion control, indoor air quality and energy conservation, odor control, pathogen removal, and toxic gas scrubbing.

Purafil is part of the Environmental Air Division at Filtration Group. Learn more at www.purafil.com and www.filtrationgroup.com/divisions/environmental-air-distribution

About Papyrus Magazine

Papyrus Magazine, published by the International Association of Museum Facility Administrators, is the leading publication for new developments in facility management at cultural institutions.

Learn more about Papyrus and the International Association of Museum Facility Administrators at http://newiamfa.org/.


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